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Eljen GSF Geotextile Sand Filter System

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Eljen GSF
Geotextile Sand Filter System

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About Eljen

Established in 1970, Eljen Corporation created the world’s first prefabricated drainage system for foundation drainage and erosion control applications. In the mid-1980s, we introduced our Geotextile Sand Filter products for the passive advanced treatment of onsite wastewater in both residential and commercial applications. Today, Eljen is a global leader in providing innovative products and solutions for protecting our environment and public health.

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Coming Soon! – New Eljen GSF & Mantis Installation Videos

Detailed step-by-step procedures for traditional applications.

Note: The new videos will feature common installation steps and may not be representative of each county and state’s local code. These videos are a general overview for system installation. Please consult your local regulations for proper sizing and construction requirements.